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10 liveable cities in the world in 2016


Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) – Economic research institute belonging to the Economist magazine – has selected 10 most liveable cities based on stability, healthcare, culture and environment. 1. Melbourne, Australia: delicious coffee, great food, and artistic life rich music, spacious and welfare policies, health, education … that Melbourne is the …

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The beautiful location beautiful sunset in Asia


If you are an enthusiast sunset under the palm trees or from the high-rise buildings, the sky’s kaleidoscopic beautiful Asian region is the place for you. 1. Golden Temple – India:  The pilgrimage to visit the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) any time of the day. But many people believe that …

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The dramatic black sand beaches in the world


Black Cat is usually generated by the volcanic activity.Worldwide, the black sand beach attracts many tourists because of its unique beauty. Perissa Beach, Greece: Located on the south coast of Santorini, in the shadow of Mount Vouno, Perissa beach is famous for the ancient ruins of Thira. It also has …

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