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Two slots – natural beaches, rustic

Central sunny days intense this fire, look for Khe Hai, his drop in the blue sea waters, sipping some rustic dishes, visitors will feel extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Khe Hai Beach with long and wide sandy beaches

Khe Hai Sea is located in Binh Thanh commune, Binh Son district (Quang Ngai), Dung Quat port from a few kilometers to the west, which is the sea Rang serial Chu Lai zone, Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam).

If the Highway 1 from Chau O town, Binh Son district, about 7km north beyond to fork Doc Soi. From there, follow the path towards the Dung Quat port proceed approximately 3km north then turn out more than 1.5 km long, dirt road crossing under the willow forest is to the sea.

Beach deep in Dung Quat Bay waves is relatively quiet, 100m away on the new countries to the chest and the sea is quite clean, no rips the unexpected as some other beaches to bathing children here quite safe . 

This season, way down, every Games 1630, Chau O township residents and the neighboring communities and the officials and employees working in Dung Quat port after labor day on the beach here, breathe fresh air.

Khe Beach Two relatively unspoiled, rustic. Only a few people doing pontoon rentals, but the sea is quite quiet so not many tenants. People to visit, no bathing discomfort for guests unsettled invitations.

Moments of tranquility along the beaches in Khe Hai

Binh Thanh peasants who experienced many hardships business life in the sand, the beach is formed already in tune with the parks service primitive hut, columns made of bamboo, coconut leaf roof or pull promoted to serve food and drinking water for people to swim.

They also tried to choose fresh seafood fishermen Hai Binh, Binh Thanh Sa coastal estuary fishing should just take longer fresh processing, to meet the needs of customers.

After swimming, playing under the water, the people rejoice, guests ashore carte Steamed clams, crabs boiled with salt pepper, grilled shrimp or shrimp soup cooking on the stove was just fuming.

In rural areas Trung An, Binh Thanh Commune long have immense long sandy grassland. This is where the salamander species live, burrowing underground to the ground.

These children often do stork trap ke bamboo and microfiber body placed in the cave to catch them on the grill with lemon leaf and become dissipated beach where delicacies.

The restaurants are usually available marinated salamanders were skinned children, waiting diners brought immediately called for baking tray pink coal fire sipping prey.

Bands rustic shops in Khe Hai Sea

Iguana meat is seasoned with aromatic spices and chillies stung not only attractive to those accustomed to drink that women or children are also interested.

Along with salamander grill dishes, dish salamanders eat porridge cooling technologies are also many customers choose.

Beach and sip delicious dishes, you’ve filled at night is also covered. Dung Quat port looking towards bright lights, people go swimming on motorcycles, cars continue to return home continent.

They go against dirt roads, the wind blows every whispering greens as invitation, had the opportunity to go back to Khe Hai …

Boiled crab with salt lemon pepper
Shrimp caught from waters Dung Quat, under fire embers Need Sa Khe Hai



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