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“Nhut” Thanh Chuong: Special food for tourists to try

Have you ever heard the famous quote “Nhut Thanh Chuong – Tuong Nam Dan,” and many people still ask, “What is Nhut?”. It is just a dish with rice very rustic of the people of Nghe, made simply from young jackfruit or fibrous fruit of jackfruit ripe ones.

Recipes fermented sauerkraut similar to the salt of Northerners. Nhut eaten raw with rice or used as ingredients of other dishes. Either way processing is also included lunch. If you have gone through Nghe An on hot summer days, hot rice with overly attached little marjoram leaves will become unforgettable delicacies.


Nhut Thanh Chuong eat live with marjoram

On small, once I was eating jackfruit fiber uncle saline edge troops home. Jackfruit ripe fruit is fragrant citrus only option remaining fiber end. Note the grab team meetings and processing fiber in two bowls upside down eating together. The so-sour dishes, which come in sweet childhood memory without name, just remember that salt jackfruit fiber. Nghe An People salt jackfruit dish called “shy” is made from fibers or taken completely ripe jackfruit young jackfruit is the most delicious fruit. Young jackfruit peel fruit spikes, wash all plastic and chopped or small julienne, mix salt and place in a mortar particles sisters, continue mixing for jackfruit seed soaked salt until tender and all plastic stick. Mix the garlic and pepper and then add a little crock, put bamboo grates blocking compaction. After the 5, 6 days shy “cooked” taste sour, salty, spicy and distinctive aroma.

Jack fruit – the fruit attractive to describe “toad skin that wrapped eggs / Additional fragrant whole family wants to eat” This has an extremely delicious jackfruit seeds in soil Thanh Chuong – Nghe An. Jackfruit is for the trees “astral soul” to Tet Doan Ngo in May 5, folk often continue “Conducting meetings”. Adults stand under and for a child climbs jackfruit tree. Adult birds flew softly whip into the trunk and then asked, “Mit there,” replied the child on the tree, “Yes”. Adults ask “This year there is a lot of work?”, The child answered for jackfruit “Yes, yes, will the results really wrong, really wrong results”.

Just like that that come out wrong jackfruit season really, just scattered from the original. Jack fruit ripening in the summer range from May to the end of July is the most delicious. Ripe jack fruit despite some also delicious to eat just play and eat an entire family was bored already. Which jackfruit “textbook” finished eating fruit out how wrong before. The Nghe new dishes devised “shy” to eat with rice and also to eat throughout the year was dedicated. Overly ripe, there are many ways to eat. You can use warehouse with fish, tomato soup, mixed with pig ears do nem. Or simply is mixed with sugar, fish sauce oregano. Eaten with hot rice overly consuming rice. Nhut eat live with the bitter, sweet, spicy aroma of jackfruit, crispy smell mingled with marjoram.

Nghe An Province – he lands the toys Nghe An, floods, deep voice pierced with fishing, lullabies and many unforgettable culinary dishes. Save faint just simple dish of farmers. Now we also think salt eggplant and young jackfruit with banana flower only Status. But just try once enjoyed relatively faint dot Nam Dan Thanh Chuong watch stars go. The two met this specialty will help us understand how the “delicacies remember life”!



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