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Discover Hon Ngu

Hon Ngu Hao, also known under the name of the island of Pisces is a new tourist destination, close to Cua Lo beach than 4 km. There are two islands: small island 88 m high, 133 m high rock has long been a fascinating subject to many poets, writers.According to the ancients, Hon Ngu Island is a place with good feng shui, is a masterpiece regionally. King Le Thanh Tong is also good to go weeks and rest romantic sightseeing here.

Once on the island, so guests will enjoy looking at the gravel beach extends for kilometers. During the trip this summer if desired Cua Lo beach visitors can go nude beach with turquoise water. In particular, visitors also can enjoy delicious cobia.

Fishermen on the island there are temples built during the Tran dynasty. Temple pagoda in front of 2 trees luxuriant foliage buds sesame. As the ancients said they had 600 years old history. In the center of the temple is well Ngoc. It features both fresh water cooling medium, exclusively used to cook delicious wine nực Pisces.

rong Ngu temple but no people, but very clean and tidy. This is a place of worship Buddha and Police Colonel Hoang Hai Dai Vuong Thốn – Nghe An aquatic generals, who have managed to fight Mongol. To the temple, visitors not only peace to burn incense family needs but also admire the beautiful natural scenery on the island and taste the dishes and wines cobia seven extremely ngon.



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