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Eating – Dalat play incipient autumn season

Dalat me back after two months, since the peak of summer.Kinky rains have disappeared, leaving Dalat for cloudy days, cool and chilly at night.

On top in Dalat

Transportation convenient when you want to conquer the motorcycle Dalat. (If you have a genuine driver’s brother, try once phượt from Saigon to Dalat to admire the breathtaking roads but no less adventurous). Rents in Dalat Motorcycle fairly stable, at the same level 100-150000 / unit / day depending on car type. Fill the gas tank, that is spoiled vu all the way to conquer highlands.

First place went to the hill Thien Phuc Duc. From the center of Dalat city, you north, towards the top of mountain, then ask the locals to turn on the drive Thien Phuc Duc. Here, you will not chisel out because of the hills planted face extreme “art”.

With a few angles, you will wanderous same cloud, communication and the city rooftops. It is also one of the prime locations for the hunting camera clouds hand.

No trip to the hill with “lonely pine” – characterized by Thien Phuc Duc, I had on a hill to the same serial residents cabbage harvest. Restoration of raised bed planting, ladder style, stretching from the foothills to the body.With a large area, most people are equipped with automatic sprinklers to ensure sufficient water supply for agricultural products and labor saving.

An - Da Lat Choi purchase revenue Chom Image 1

After harvesting and processing several manual steps, improvements are wrapped carefully in paper and carefully put on trucks transporting agricultural products to collection points.

Tuyen Lam Lake certainly no stranger to everyone. This is a large area with a combination of hills and water, forms the backdrop to the strange peace. Currently, the number of tourists to this place quite crowded so you may not feel the inherent looks peaceful. Try walking a section around the lake, close your eyes for interstitial drafts on hair, rosy cheeks flapping about to ask more of this land.

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A still lake.

The second day in Dalat

Morning road winding around the big and small to breathe air is also a very wonderful experience my friends. Try stopping at a certain passes and leaned out watching the city.

An - Da Lat Choi purchase revenue Chom Image 3
This is one of the places I go through. Just up the car and go, do not remember which way the alley at all

Da Lat Station a stop on the second day I was here. Considered the oldest in Vietnam and Indochina, to be recognized as national historic sites.With the construction of French style, you will be attracted to admire.Address: Ward 10, Da Lat City.

Teachers colleges Dalat:  Back is a French design, is the world of Architects recognized as one of 1,000 unique constructions of the world in the 20th century blocks arc With ratings from the red brick ceiling, you will not be forgotten when it comes to this school. Address: 29 Yersin.Remember in the afternoon, after 16 hours to get out to the guard for comfort.

An - Da Lat Choi purchase revenue Chom Image 4

Unique architecture makes this place attracted many people to visit and take pictures.

Dining in Dalat

Still pretty tight time allocation schedule for a mere two days, and my companion was also enlisted to and tasted some specialties of Dalat.

Cafe Tung:  Trinh music shop open,  and s right foot super delicious sour here. These years, the restaurant is quite crowded, but I prefer the more quiet of the past.

Garden Dalat: Quan take advantage of the position of “false suburbs” of his, with flowers, trees, water scenes created false sense of comfort and peace for customers. Address bar: An Affairs Nguyen Cong Tru Street corner with Phan Dinh Phung.

Bread soup Xuan An:  Here bread soup rather strange powder than in Saigon. There are many types and sizes to choose from automakers. Taste pretty good and the price was good. Do not hesitate to drop into a bowl of sauce fragrant fall between cool rainy afternoon offline. Address bar: Number 1, Nha Chung, Da Lat City.

Dalat Night Market:  This is where the focus of the most crowded in the evening the city center. You can choose to purchase souvenir items, jams, affordable food from here to advanced. Comprising some distinctive brand of Dalat as L’ang Farm, suitable for you to choose the product as a gift or donation by eye-catching packaging and refinement. Or, do not hesitate contact with friendly natives, visit a small ladder and eat greasy baked roll.

An - Da Lat buy Chom revenue Choi Pictures 5

Cake baked goods are great.

United Milk Soy milk – a famous Tang Bat Ho: Situated in a central location, delicious milk, pineapple cake is gathered sufficient factors to this place is always crowded even the diners. Do even more amazing things between cold night with his hands on the cup brewing hot milk and cheese bites your pie. Do not miss this exciting experience when coming to Dalat. Unveiled, United Milk has many types to choose from: soy milk, soy beef, corn, peanuts, green beans, black sesame.

Vinh Loi noodle shop: Here keep up the taste of Chinese noodles or wonton ship very tasty. The menu is quite extensive considering Saigon price is still just fine. Address bar: Vietnam British rotation.

33 stuffed snails: diners come here ordered oxtail soup and stuffed snails is the most. With characteristic mixing sauces, stuffed snails dishes will surely convince any discerning guest does. Pretty easy to remember address: 33 Hai Ba Trung.

Rainy Cafe: Topography higher ground. Many plants and flowers, natural context feels equally comfortable F Garden. Aromatic tea here. Sitting in an elevated position, sipping tea and watching the city, great. Address bar: 24B / 1 Hung Vuong.

My second day with quite gently because most of the time devoted to streetwear. One or two rounds of Xuan Huong Lake to feel all the romance. Take small steps up the ramp of the pedestrian street next to the night market. Weaving the strange roads and pine heard the wind. Da Lat is a great result for us to choose if they want freed after days struggling with boisterous Saigon.

Now, on with the job alone. Romance Dalat season ripe red and wild sunflowers coming!



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