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Enjoy Nha Trang on luxury yacht

On Harems yacht, you will have the opportunity to admire the unspoiled nature, enjoy a variety of seafood and experience many exciting activities …

With the value of natural and inherent beauty, where the long, white sand beaches, clear blue bay, particularly special cultural convergence and unique cuisine, Nha Trang always potential attractiveness to explore , relaxation and enjoyment.

It only takes about 5 minutes to your arrival at the port of Nha Trang, there is nothing better than going through moments of relaxation, enjoy a rich buffet, carefree romantic sunset along the coast; or take a trip to visit the beautiful island of the day on the yacht Harems. This is also contributing to new destinations and interesting variety on the tourist map of the tropical sea.


Step foot on the boat, their first impression to visitors is the warm welcome of the professional staff, and cool drinks were prepared in addition equipped luxurious interior, facilities services.

When dusk falls, the train began to move to the location that will be watching the sun set dramatically, for an evening launch desirable. On the yacht, you can relax strolling along the deck, twinkling lights from the buildings light up permanently between moving colored sunset over the water swinging.

Alternatively, you can relax leaned chat and watch all the different angles on the sofa is equipped with stylish and comfortable experience is one of the simplest but usually only stayed that day in mind yours.

Ships will move along the coast, Nha Trang appeared before you at this time is a young city bustle but no less romantic scene with a side of majestic mountains, the sea is immense sky, the Vinpearl far as playing with many works of modern resorts and unique.


Continue trip out to sea, you will enjoy a rich buffet dinner menus Asia – Europe and Vietnamese cuisine unique three regions and daydreaming listen Philippines diverse bands every musical style in a romantic setting under the sun stars, the moon and the bright lights of the city far behind.

Tropical evening on the yacht Harems with attentive service staff always ensure you have a memorable trip. At the 2nd floor, light harmonies party awaits you, promising to bring not only when vibrant and passionate, his lamplight bathing colorful rainbow.

With daytime sailing, Harems Cruise brings a completely different style of travel for Nha Trang. The trip promises to be rich and interesting takes visitors to the new adventure journey with many attractive activities. You will have the opportunity lying sunbathing on deck, admire the beauty of nature unspoiled, green swamp rock chen in a very beautiful and charming. Glossy visible water waiting your immediate freely floundered.


Contacts: Office of Nha Trang: 100 / 13A Tran Phu Street, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang. Tel: (84-58) 3529 289 – 288 – Fax: (84-58) 287 2529 Email: info@haremscruise.com; HCM Office: 48A Lugia, District 11, HCMC. Tel: (08-8) 6281 4567. Email: sales@haremscruise.com.

Do not just enjoy the sound of the waves, sunk in the ocean blue, lost in the natural world as colorful corals, fishes with diving services or prepare for the excitement on the sea surf banana boat, is pulled by speed boats are experiences that you can not ignore.

After the exciting morning, you and your family can gather together the lunch buffet was laid out with all sorts of seafood and traditional Vietnamese dishes are prepared from the talented hands of skillful professional chefs , deeply knowledgeable about the cuisine. Experiencing those moments of heavenly arms hugging the water, mixing in a fresh green color, listen to your body and mind to relax, save a few shots before the home with unforgettable memories for for you and your family.



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