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Boils clouds scenery beautiful cage in Lap An lagoon

With beautiful natural scenery painting titled, Lap An lagoon deserves a spot should look at on the journey to Hue dreams.

On Highway 1A from Da Nang to Hue, running through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, there is a beautiful destination that makes tourists stupor. That is the Lap An lagoon nestled inside Phu Gia.

There is another name is An Cu, brackish lagoons are extremely charming scenery. Coming here in the dry season from March to June, you’ll be looking at the beautiful scenery perfect. Small road along the foothills as soft sinuous ribbon hugging swamps, far away from the majestic mountain ranges and White Horse Lang Co Bay makes poetry more distinctive picture.

Soup bubble dragon robe sac gorgeous water dam o Lap An Image 1
Moment of sunset or sunrise is always sought in Lap An. Photo: Nguyen Dinh Thanh.

When the first ray of sunshine through the day thin mist fades, Lap An illuminated vitality of a new day. Face dress spanning titles giant mirror reflecting the green color of the mountains, dark blue sky and white clouds floating. All elegant colors that blend together in a magnificent shimmering, full of poetic.

On the calm waters of the emerald, couple or small boat drift boat valley as a vivid touches. The downstream, natural setting switch to a different beauty is equally riveting. The sun set behind the mountains, the water like silk iridescent golden little red phase, then switched to a dark purple, then slowly fading into dark magic, space becomes silent for a moment.

Soup bubble dragon robe sac gorgeous water dam o Lap An Image 2
Nao beautiful sunset in Lap An lagoon lap. Photo: Nguyen Dinh Thanh .

If dawn brings spacious feeling relaxed, the Lap An lagoon sunset makes you open some sort sort inside. But come on time, you will feel like just entered the realm of wishful optimism. Anyone would quiver scenery magical wonders of Lap An lagoon. Guests will certainly enjoy plenty of images recorded by this fairyland and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful mental helps soothing comfort.

In addition to the lyrical beauty, Lap An idyllic strokes lingering close when attached to rural lifestyle of the people by the rich marine resources. Guests easily catch sight small kids to collect the scallops deep in the sand, drop nets fisherman fishing site, digging the sand dunes looking to catch sea cucumbers and oysters – another gift that the Creator bestowed this place.

Soup bubble dragon robe sac gorgeous water dam o Lap An Image 3
Lap An idyllic lingering close strokes when associated with rural lifestyle of the people.Photo: Nguyen Dinh Thanh .

Maybe for Lap An oyster is the kingdom of Hue. Specialties was awarded the title “pearl of heaven” by aromatic fatty nực. Oyster farming with old tires also bring stable income sources, improving the lives of people here.One pile down to dress, then wash the tires, sawed in half, and then hook into bamboo sticks bamboo hanging horizontal bar. Tire deep water, about 10cm from the bottom lagoon, about 30cm tires tires, picked up some time later saw barnacles clinging in clusters all over the tire. On many huts dress well for convenience oversees the oyster.

Oysters are processed into so many interesting dishes such as grilled oysters, oyster soup, oyster salad, steamed oysters ginger, sweet and sour fried oysters, tofu stuffed oysters, oyster sauce noodles … Guests have once tasted oysters here will remember taste delicious, fat fleshy very special.

Soup bubble dragon robe sac gorgeous water dam o Lap An Image 4
Go to Lap An lagoon, you do not just admire the beauty but also enjoy specialties famous oysters.

Go to Lap An lagoon, you do not just admire the beauty of endless, breathe fresh air, feel the peace, but also enjoy the famous oyster specialties. Besides, you can combine the tour with a system Bach wild fauna rich or visit Lang Co – one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With so many exciting experiences, Lap An lagoon is a unique destination can not miss.



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