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Da Nang, Sa Pa festival occasions Autumn flower

The traditional cultural activities Mid-Autumn festival will be held at the famous tourist destinations such as Sa Pa, Da Nang, Hoi An travelers to experience impressive festive season.

Flower street festival is held annually in the town of Sa Pa in the Mid-Autumn festival on days 13-15 / 8 Lunar, to honor the traditional cultural values and to local attractions Phoenix. Mid-Autumn Festival this year (13-15 / 9), Lantern Festival promises to be innovative, sophisticated investors, crisp creative about visual effects, shape, color …

Join Lantern Festival 2016 Sa Pa, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the thousands of brilliant lights, many shapes, unique design … with bold cultural northwestern mountains. The procession of street lights around Sa Pa town center will give visitors the experience impressed Autumn mountain town.


Decorative lanterns in rotation Danang Sun Wheel. 

These days 9-15 / 9, at Park Asia ( Da Nang ) will host the 2016 Lantern Festival with the theme “Asia brilliant”. The people of the city on the Han River and guests will enjoy light dinner and participated in many activities such as lion dances bustling, lantern parade mascot represents 10 Asian countries. At the festival, the mascot made into a lantern with a height of up to 2 m, blazed and last parade queue area represents Asian countries: Japan Zone, Cambodia, South Korea India, Thailand …

In Hoi An , the day 12-15 / 9, the traditional Mid-Autumn activities are also organized to connect Hoi An with visitors such as lion dance contest, dance contest crane disasters, especially screen reappear “Dem Hoi An early 20th century.”

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