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Beauty makes you unforgettable while travel to Quynh sea in Nghe An

Quynh Sea crowded and noisy as other places, but very intrigued by the beauty in romantic, pristine, peaceful and romantic. Quynh sea charms make guests amazed at the unique beauty of quartz stone, caves as an architectural system that massive natural gift for this land of sun and wind.

Visit Quynh sea, visitors will have the opportunity to explore caves bordering Rong Tien Thuy and Quynh Nghia Commune, Quynh Luu district (Nghe An) – one of the major tourist attractions in Quynh sea travel system. It has beautiful caves, pristine, all the shops were to the sea, so we can take a boat to take the cave, the cave had just ventilated atrium enough light for visitors to admire, visit clearance.


Dragon mountain be view from Resort Quynh Sea


Dragon Mountain cave system adjacent beaches Quynh Nghia (Quynh Luu – Nghe An)


A mountain corner Dragon (dragon-shaped head is stretched hydrophilic)


White sandy beaches, blue water before the cave skylights


Sharp stalactites create unique patterns in Mountain Dragon


Fish fossil ocean.


When leaving the queue to go to other caves, visitors still nostalgic



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